Outback [Mixtape262]

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Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Band: Mooner – Song: Anytime
Show: 2/20/2016 Schubas
Site: http://moonerband.com/

Band: Martin Van Ruin – Song: Sayanora
Show: 2/20/2016 Schubas
Site: http://www.martinvanruin.com/

Band: Red Francis – Song: Beauty in The Grey
Show: 2/19/2016 Empty Bottle
Site: https://redfrancis.bandcamp.com

Band: VAYA – Song: Neon Skull
Show: 2/24/2016 Whistler
Site: http://vayachicago.com/

Band: The Laureates – Song: Oh, Delusion
Show: 2/19/2016 Township
Site: http://laureatesmusic.com/

Band: Devil In A Woodpile – Song: A Long Way From Home
Show: 2/20/2016 Hideout
Site: http://www.bloodshotrecords.com/artist/devil-woodpile

Band: Dirty Dirty Dollars – Song: An When I Die
Show: 2/21/2016 Schubas
Site: http://dirtydirtydollars.com/

Band: Simulation – Song: Lemon
Show: 2/20/2016 Empty Bottle
Site: https://chicagosinglesclub.bandcamp.com/album/csc-031

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