4th Annual “Live” Thanksgiving Mixtape

Listen To Mixtape250 Now:

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Casey Meehan – True Love Will Find You In The End (by Daniel Johnston)

Algebro – Barter Town

Algebro and Psalm One – AOK
https://algebro.bandcamp.com/ and http://regularblackgirl.com/

Donnie Biggins (of The Shams Band) – You’re In, You’re Out

Vivian McConnell (of Santah and Grand Kids) – Fish in Fives
http://santahmusic.com/ and http://grandkidsmusic.com

Bob Buckstaff (of Mutts) – Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time (by Bob Dylan)

Ben Clarke (of Quarter Mile Thunder) – How Embarrassing


The Band:

Martin Rodriguez – Drums, Vibes
Bob Buckstaff – Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Psalm One – Vocals
Fluffy Heart – Vocals
Ben Clarke – Bass, Guitar, Electric Piano, Vocals
Casey Meehan – Electric Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Algebro – Guitar, Vocals
Vivian McConnell – Guitar, Vocals
Donnie Biggins – Guitar, Vocals
Joshua Dumas – Piano, Electric Piano, Vibes, Harmonium, Electric Guitar
Matt DeWine – Engineer, Bass
Eddie Seslowsky – Documentation and Craft Service

Recorded and mixed at Pieholden Suite Sound by Matt DeWine.

Big shout out to Rob, Alex, Angel, Billy and Ryan for stopping by.


Photos From The Session:







Happy Thanksgiving!

Musicians as Digital Nomads: 10 Destination Cities to Know

Nomadism has long been part of a working musician’s reality, especially when touring. But nomadism is seldom thought of as an intentional lifestyle choice; it’s usually more of a requirement, at least when touring.

The modern music industry does support a fully nomadic lifestyle, though. You can write and record music from just about anywhere on earth, and because distribution is largely digital at this point, that’s also location-independent.

Our friends at HolidayME recently put together a post that takes a look at the top 10 cities for digital nomads, and it introduces some interesting trains of thought for professional musicians, who are as much digital nomads as the writers and designers working from their laptops in Vietnamese cafes this moment.

Intentional nomadism can both be rewarding and financially viable. In fact, hopping around Southeast Asia, for example, will probably be much cheaper than living in an apartment in a major American city. All the while, you as a musician can be practicing your art and getting work done.

Inside The Brain Of A Great Comedian


Kyle Dunnigan has been doing a ton of cool stuff lately…

In today’s interview he talks about what it feels like to be on the Howard Stern Show.

What it is like to write and perform on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

And all about my favorite podcast… Professor Blastoff.

Kyle Performs At Thalia Hall on Saturday June 13.. >> Ticket Info Is Here <<

Listen To Chicago Mixtape’s Interview With Kyle Dunnigan

Here’s Kyle on “Just For Laughs”

Special Reggae-Dancehall Mix

Listen To Simmer Down Sound Mixtape
MarcusIyah’s “Love Makers Heart Breakers” Now:

Every Second Saturday of the month at Double Door (Chicago) Akasha presents, Simmer Down Sound. Simmer Down Sound, is a reggae-dancehall collective that pay tribute to the Soundsystem culture of Jamaica. Simmer Down Sound was born in Chicago’s Wicker Park.

The focus of Simmer Down Sound is to celebrate reggae and dancehall music in all its expression. You will hear early foundation ska and rocksteady, roots and culture, lover’s rock and dancehall anthems at Simmer Down Sound.

Selections are strictly vinyl by resident selectors Graduate, Rad Brian and MarcusIyah. Akasha and family perform live reggae and dancehall every month. Odd Obsession Movies presents the films.

There is No Cover and the night begins at 10pm. Simmer Down Sound is strictly vinyl… always royal!

Chicago Mixtape 3 Year Anniversary Fundraiser!!


Saturday, Feb 22nd, Empty Bottle
Grab Tickets Here!!

In celebration of 3 years, 157 mixtapes featuring 786 bands…

The Chicago Mixtape will be throwing an unprecedented mash-up of Chicago music.

This year I am working with some of my favorite Chicago institutions / artists collectives to program the music.

Come help us raise the funds necessary to promote the emerging music of Chicago to every corner of the globe. Come help us kick off the 4th year of the Chicago Mixtape!

Sets Curated by:

STV SLV of The Hood Internet
Teen River
Pieholden Suite Sound

Featuring Appearances by:

Members of The Hood Internet, Members of Verma, Memebers of Quarter Mile Thunder, Psalm One, ShowYouSuck, Potions, Thomas Comerford, Eiren Caffall, Ben Clarke, Jason Fredrick, Robbie Hamilton, Mig Mora, Fluffy, Jim Duffy, and many many many more…

In partnership with:

WLUW, AudioTree.tv, Bonafyde, Greedtone

Visuals by:


DJ sets by:

Jive Fresh and Minimal Beat

This year’s show will feature over 2 dozen performers. They will be collaborating on one of a kind sets from all walks of the Chicago music scene. It will be the ultimate Chicago music mash up!

Saturday, Feb 22nd
Empty Bottle
Grab Tickets Here!!

1035 N Western Ave

Doors Open at 8pm


Kyle Dunnigan Interview


Today I’ve got something really special for ya! Recently I got a chance to interview one of my favorite comedians… Kyle Dunnigan.

He is performing at the Hideout this Sunday January 19th with Candy Lawrence (Candy was on our all comedy mixtape).

I found out about Kyle from his #1 hit podcast, Professor Blastoff. It features Tig Notaro (I did and interview with Tig in 2011).

If I am not listening to music, I am typically listening to Professor Blastoff. So this interview was a big deal for me 🙂

A few things about Kyle… He works heavily on Amy Schumer’s sketch comedy show (Comedy Central), he played the psycho killer character ‘Craig’ on “Reno 911”.

Kyle has had his own half hour special on Comedy Central. He’s been on Conan O’brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson along with numerous festival performances including Chicago Just for Laughs!

Dunnigan is ALSO a musician and recently released a hilarious Christmas album.

In today’s interview we talk about the changing face of comedy (a la Louis CK), the energy it takes to do comedy day in and day out and much much more… Check it out!

Chicago Mixtape Interviews Kyle Dunnigan

See you at the Hideout this Sunday!

The Secret Studio Making Some Of Chicago’s Biggest Sounds

If you live in Chicago, you have probably driven by it a hundred times. The outside of the building is so bland that it’s almost “hidden in plain view.” This “urban camouflage” was not exactly intentional but it certainly keeps this building under the radar.

While the exterior so forgettable that the building is nearly invisible, what you see inside this studio is impossible to forget.


The 4,000 square feet that make up Pieholden Suite Sound is home to:

  • 58 vintage guitars, basses (some going back to the 40s!)
  • 31 Pianos, Vintage Synths organs (including an original Mellotron, Optigan, Hammond b-3 and many leslie rotating speakers, and a baby grand, multiple upright pianos)
  • 6 different analog tape machines (including a mighty two-inch tape recorder as big as a washing machine)
  • 5 vintage drum machines
  • 25 tube microphone pre amps, tube compressors
  • 300 pound vintage plate reverb tan (capable of the most shimmering 60’s reverb you’ve ever heard)

From Yankee Hotel Foxtrot to Nobody Knows


After his work on Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Jay Bennett founded Pieholden Suite Sound primarily to work on his own music. Upon his departure from Wilco, he took with him many of the instruments, microphones and other used to create some of the most classic Wilco records.

Jay was a continual collector of weird instruments and recording equipment so this collection grew year after year as the location of the studio changed from Chicago’s far west side, to Champaign-Urbana to Ukrainian Village where it now resides.

As a musician, I was drawn to the studio for many reasons. Primarily it was Jay’s magnetic personality and recording expertise, but the fact that this collection of equipment had a track record of creating amazing (and commercially successful) records was important.

Musicians that record here can rest assured that this gear is capable of making records that get glowing reviews from even the most jaded critics…

Willis Earl Beal’s September 2013 Release called “Nobody Knows” got a 7.2 on Pitchfork:

The music [on Nobody Knows] is more diverse and expansive than it was on Acousmatic Sorcery [Beal’s previous album), which is probably just a function of better resources: Sounds and styles Beal only had the tools to hint at before are rendered professionally and in high definition, and his voice– a bellowing, conventionally soulful instrument– is given the sonic space it probably deserves, sitting in the mix like an old iron anchor.

Pitchfork critic Mike Powell goes on to describe the record as:

…old-fashioned blues and indie ballads, replete with the sounds of glockenspiels and warm, staticky ambience.

I think “warm, staticky ambience” is a good description of what has come to be the “Pieholden” sound.

Running Chicago Mixtape forces me to listen to a ton of music. I can tell you that the “warm, staticky ambience” of true analog recording using vintage instruments and tube mic preamps is becoming incredibly rare.

When I hear something recorded this way it makes me stop and listen.

For all the ease and savings of laptops, music software and home recordings, something has been lost. The unique sounds of an old instrument malfunctioning while it spills its sonic delights is a fascinating thing and it’s why Pieholden has become such an important force in my life.

Matt DeWine’s Generous Offer

My good friend, Matt DeWine was Jay’s apprentice for many years and is now the head engineer at Pieholden. While I was discussing all of the recent press Pieholden has been getting with Matt, it got him thinking.

As a way of celebrating some of the recent success the studio has had and a way to meet a few more great Chicago bands, Matt would like to offer the Chicago Mixtape community a heck of a deal.

He’s got some open days in the December, January and February, and wants to offer a couple bands a free day of recording when they book 2 or more days with him.

If you are interested in taking your music to the next level, email Matt (matt@pieholdensuitesound.com).


I get asked all the time to speak on “how to make it in the music industry” and the one thing I always stress is that a band HAS to have a great recording of at least couple songs. 3 days at Pieholden is enough for any band to create something that can really move their careers forward.

There are only a few spots so hit him up today at matt@pieholdensuitesound.com and setup a time to chat.

Interview with Kriss Stress [Founder of Notes And Bolts]

Interviewing a first class interviewer is like looking down a hallway of mirrors.

Listen to the interview here:

Kriss has been putting out more than a handful of awesomeness in recent months. He celebrates his 1 year anniversary at the Burlington tonight! The all mighty and all deserving Architecture is dropping a new 7″. He is kicking off a floppy disc series and tons more…


CIMM Fest Is Here!

>> Download a selection of Chicago bands playing the Fest!! <<

1. MANUAL CINEMA – Lord, Blow The Moon Out Please

This show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, it combines shadow puppets, live actors, foley sounds and a live band (featuring Kyle Vegter and Michael Hilger from Thin Hymns) to create a truly memorable cinematic experience.
Saturday 4/20 4:30 pm at Constellation

2. UNIVORE – Victory Days (Victory Ways)

Their jams (and incredible videos) are funky, fun, extremely weird and totally infectious. They are superstars in my mind and I think more people need to get hip to their scene. I’m extra excited that they have agreed to create a brand new film for CIMM Fest.

Univore premiere their brand new short film Saturday 4/20 9:30 @ Heaven Gallery as part of Sanzimat International’s “Unreliable Narrations” program

3. Sonoi – Little Russian

A beguiling and wondrous psych band that is simultaneously comforting and confounding. Sonoi’s Adam Busch will be performing solo with visuals by Joy Whalen.
Comfort Station Friday 4/19 9pm
(For those unfamiliar, the Comfort Station is a super intimate space located in the heart of the Logan Square boulevard.)

4. Legend Haz it – Deuces Wild

The sound incorporates fresh hip hop with old school soul and R&B grooves, using a full live band. They’re playing as part of a really eclectic and exciting hip-hop show at Township. This song is from their new album “Neptune Deuce.”
THURSDAY 4/18 Township w/ Mz Diggy Dulche

5. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a real buzz band in Chicago right now, and for good reason. Their music mixes a lo-fi aesthetic with a high level of pop musicianship and songwriting chops that betray their baby faces.

They play Coles Friday 4/19 10pm

6. Rabid Rabbit

Rabid Rabbit is deep dark and weird in a way. They are part of a highly recommended bill with Pontiak (Thrill Jockey) and Woodsman. This track, “Goliad” is from their latest release on BloodLust! titled “Czarny Sen” (Polish for “Black Dream”).

>> Download a selection of Chicago bands playing the Fest!! <<

Submitted by Edward Anderson

Chicago Mixtape 2 Year Anniversary Fundraiser

It’s a Miracle!!
We Made It 2 Years!!

Let’s party!!
Empty Bottle
Saturday Feb 23rd
Grab Tickets Here

Here’s a video from last year’s party:

The Chicago Mixtape. Video By BMP. from Video that rocks. on Vimeo.

Here’s what’s in store:

Psalm One


The Congregation


Come on out to the Chicago Mixtape 2 Year Anniversary Fundraiser!!



Animal City


Come on out to the Chicago Mixtape 2 Year Anniversary Fundraiser!!

Hosted Bar from 8pm – 9pm brought to you by Harmonica Dunn, Do312 and Olde Style

DJ Set By White Mystery!!

Analog Video Art by brownshoesonly

Masters of Ceremony Alison Cuddy and Casey Meehan


It’s a Miracle!!
We Made It 2 Years!!

Let’s party!!
Empty Bottle
Saturday Feb 23rd
Grab Tickets Here

[Mixtape100] 100 Weeks Of Sonic Bliss

Listen To Mixtape100 Now:

(cover art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Julie Meckler – Song: Desire
Show: 1/10/2013 Hideout
Site: http://juliemeckler.com

Band: SOFT JOLTS – Song: Big Black Jewel
Show: 1/11/2013 Schubas
Site: http://softjolts.bandcamp.com/

Band: Innkeepers – Song: Piper Cub
Show: 1/11/2013 Schubas
Site: http://innkeepers.bandcamp.com/

Band: Volcano – Song: Fighter
Show: 1/10/2013 Burlington
Site: http://volcanoisaband.com/

Band: Bastardgeist – Song: Afternoon
Show: 1/10/2013 Burlington
Site: http://soundcloud.com/bastardgeist

Band: T’bone – Song: Golden Plumage
Show: 1/12/2013 Subterranean
Site: http://clownethics.bandcamp.com

Band: The Claudettes – Song: Chin-Up Tango
Show: 1/12/2013 Beat Kitchen
Sweet Video: http://youtu.be/oRazL_pPnwg
Event Link: Facebook

Band: Sons of the Silent Age (featuring Chris Connelly) – Song: Wait for Amateur
Show: 1/11/2013 Metro
Site: http://chrisconnelly.com/

[Mixtape099] Dabda

<--! [download ml="1,2,3" code="140D7CB7-3AE5-4D39-BA3B-FEAC0002A475"] -->

Listen To Mixtape099 Now:

(cover art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Old Fashioned War – Song: River Runs High
Show: 1/5/2013 Martyrs’
Site: http://oldfashionedwar.bandcamp.com

Band: Fake Limbs – Song: Your Comments Are Atrocious
Show: 1/10/2013 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.fakelimbs.com

099 Notes Track

Band: Deanna Devore – Song: I Tried
Show: 1/10/2013 Schubas-EP RELEASE SHOW!
Site: http://www.deannadevore.com

Band: SWEARWORDS – Song: Sleepwalker
Show: 1/11/2013 Schubas
Site: http://www.swearwordsmusic.com

Band: Moritat – Song: Wheelin’
Show: 1/12/2013 Next Door (Clark and Diversey)
Site: http://www.moritatmusic.com

Band: Terrible Spaceship – Song: Stardust
Show: 1/5/2013 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://www.terriblespaceship.com

[Mixtape098] Goodbye 2012

Listen To Mixtape098 Now:


Band: White Mystery – Song: PARTY (Live in Oakland, CA)
Show: 12/31/2012 Logan Square Auditorium
Site: http://www.whitemysteryband.com/

Band: Mucca Pazza – Song: Sexy Bull
Show: 12/31/2012 Logan Square Auditorium
Site: http://mucca-pazza.org/

Band: Thee Yolks – Song: Long Cold Lonely Night
Show: 12/27/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.theyolks.bandcamp.com

Band: When Clouds Attack – Song: Out of the Windows
Show: 12/29/2012 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://www.whencloudsattack.com

Band: Absolutely Not – Song: Beginning Of The End
Show: 12/31/2012 Burlington
Site: http://www.facebook.com/AbsolutelyNotMusic

Band: Collages – Song: Tab Eels
Show: 12/29/2012 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://collages.bandcamp.com/

Band: Truman & his Trophy – Song: Jake Babe
Show: 12/31/2012 Township
Site: http://www.trumanandhistrophy.com

Band: Dick Prall – Song: Acetyline
Show: 12/30/2012 Double Door w/Butch Walker (sold out)
Site: http://www.dickprall.com/

Band: Phantom Works – Song: Sick Machine
Show: 12/29/2012 Quenchers (Sick Room Records)
Site: http://phantomworks.bandcamp.com/

[Mixtape097] Unibear

[download ml=”1,2,3″ code=”B780294B-637E-4BA4-B9F3-B100FFF25EB5″]

Listen To Mixtape097 Now:

(cover art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Wild Jesus & The Devil’s Lettuce – Song: Triforce
Show: 12/21/2012 Hideout – Site: http://wildjesus.bandcamp.com

Band: The Lowdown Brass Band – Song: Chuggin’
Show: 12/21/2012 Hideout – Site: http://www.lowdownbrassband.com/

Band: Bike Cops – Song: Lourdes
Show: 12/22/2012 The Mutiny – Site: http://bikecopsmusic.bandcamp.com

Band: The Columbines – Song: Manpowered
Show: 12/23/2012 Schubas – Site: http://thecolumbines.com/

Band: BAATHHAUS – Song: All I Got
Show: 12/20/2012 Metro – Site: http://soundcloud.com/baathhaus

Band: Begin By Gathering Supplies – Song: At The Canals
Show: 12/23/2012 Schubas – Site: http://beginbygatheringsupplies.bandcamp.com/