[Mixtape007] Hummer

Featuring Record Low, Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts, The Golden Horse Ranch Band, Sybris, California Wives, Bird Ate My Donut, Archie Powell & The Exports, Soft Speaker

[Mixtape006] Mad as a March Hare

Featuring ProbCause, Architecture, darling, White Mystery, Sonoi, Verma, Reds and Blue

[Mixtape005] Cowboys and Space Invaders

Featuring JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, Algernon, Cloudbirds, Detholz!, Rachel Ries, Lawrence Peters Outfit Trio, Bat Masterson, Coins

[Mixtape004] Thanks Chicago

Featuring Nick Miller & the Neighbors, Loyale Divide, Gypsyblood, The Singleman Affair, Ami Saraiya & The Outcome, Dick Prall, yourfeetstoobig, Miracle Condition

[Mixtape003] Hot Cha!

Featuring Elephant Gun, The Kickback, Tyler Jon Tyler, Love Story in Blood Red, Continental Breakfast, Bone & Bell, The Laureates, Absinthe & The Dirty Floors, Del Rey

[Mixtape002] Fall to Pieces

Featuring Black Bear Combo, Warm Ones, Velcro Lewis, Curtis Evans and Our Friends Electric, Chaperone, Like Pioneers, King Sparrow, Soft Speaker, CrossRecord

[Mixtape001] It’s On

Featuring Streets On Fire, Sleeptalkers, J+J+J, The Field Auxiliary, Secret Colours, Panda Riot, Wumme, Calm Palm Vapor