4th Annual “Live” Thanksgiving Mixtape

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Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Casey Meehan – True Love Will Find You In The End (by Daniel Johnston)

Algebro – Barter Town

Algebro and Psalm One – AOK
https://algebro.bandcamp.com/ and http://regularblackgirl.com/

Donnie Biggins (of The Shams Band) – You’re In, You’re Out

Vivian McConnell (of Santah and Grand Kids) – Fish in Fives
http://santahmusic.com/ and http://grandkidsmusic.com

Bob Buckstaff (of Mutts) – Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time (by Bob Dylan)

Ben Clarke (of Quarter Mile Thunder) – How Embarrassing


The Band:

Martin Rodriguez – Drums, Vibes
Bob Buckstaff – Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Psalm One – Vocals
Fluffy Heart – Vocals
Ben Clarke – Bass, Guitar, Electric Piano, Vocals
Casey Meehan – Electric Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Algebro – Guitar, Vocals
Vivian McConnell – Guitar, Vocals
Donnie Biggins – Guitar, Vocals
Joshua Dumas – Piano, Electric Piano, Vibes, Harmonium, Electric Guitar
Matt DeWine – Engineer, Bass
Eddie Seslowsky – Documentation and Craft Service

Recorded and mixed at Pieholden Suite Sound by Matt DeWine.

Big shout out to Rob, Alex, Angel, Billy and Ryan for stopping by.


Photos From The Session:







Happy Thanksgiving!

3rd Annual “Live” Thanksgiving Mixtape [Mixtape198]

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Cover Art: JW Frederick

Song 1 – Yes, It’s Hard by Donnie Biggins (Shams Band)
The Shams Play Nov 26th @ Fitzgeralds – Shams Annual Black Wed

Donnie IS Harmonica Dunn (Chicago’s Most Artist Friendly Promoter)
Band’s hit him up for shows at: http://www.harmonicadunn.com/


Song 2 – Ten Ton Pop Gun by Josh Chicoine (Sabers)
Sabers Play Nov 29th @ The Hideout – Videoreo (Live Filmscore)

Song 3 – The Bottom by Hanna Ashbrook
Hanna Plays Dec 28th at SPACE (in Evanston) with Genevieve from Company of Thieves


Song 4 – Never Next To Me by Henry Joseph, Robbie Haynes (Record Low)
The Record Low Plays Dec 19th @ The Empty Bottle (Pieholden X-Mas Party / Quarter Mile Thunder Album Release)

Record Low recently released their first album in years called Idle Chatter

Song 5 – Whatever It Is You Want Me To Be (Fuck That)
by Jake Schweitzer (Wild Family)
Wild Family Play Fri Dec 12th @ Subt

Song 6 – Blind Truth by Mike Maimone (Mutts)
Mutts Play Dec 6th @ Metro (LP Release)


Many special thanks to
Steve Plock of the band Santah who played drums.

Santah is in the midst of a Pledge Music drive.
Support them here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/santah

Thanks to Shamus Martin for engineering.

Many thanks to Eddie Seslowsky for taking photos and bringing food!

Super special thanks to Pieholden Suite Sound for sponsoring this event.

Matt DeWine, head engineer of Pieholden is offing a pretty insane “Thanksgiving Thank You Special”


Pieholden Suite Sound Thanksgiving Special – FREE STUDIO TIME!

We recorded all of this at Pieholden Suite Sound. A Chicago recording studio founded by Jay Bennett (ex-Wilco).

If you are unfamiliar with this studio, check out this link. Pieholden is 4,000 square feet of Chicago music history.

As a way of saying thanks and giving back to the Chicago community… Matt DeWine, head engineer at Pieholden Suite Sound, is offering some free studio time to a few lucky bands.

All the info about how you can apply is here:
The Secret Studio Behind Chicago’s Biggest Sounds

(I know for a fact that he is super busy so you are gonna want to jump on this right away.)


[Mixtape146] 2nd Annual Live Thanksgiving Mixtape

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Cover Art: JW Frederick

2nd Annual Live Thanksgiving Mixtape

1) No Loot
2) Searching
3) Taking In The Mist
4) Black Wednesday
5) Can’t Fight No More
6) All Hour Harps

Donnie Biggins (The Shams Band) — Guitar, Bass Vocal. Steve Leaf (Go Long Mule / Solo) — Guitar, Bass Vocal. Dan Haefs (Go Long Mule and The Lantern Kickers) — Drums and Guitjo (hybred of guitar and banjo). Mike Maimone (Mutts) — Keys and Vocals. Stan McConnell (Santah) — Guitar and Vocals

“No Loot” sung by Mike Maimone
Mike’s band Mutts plays Double Door November 30th (w/ White Mystery, Archie Powell & The Exports and Daniel Wade)
Reserve tickets for $3 at:
Otherwise $10 at the door.
Visit: http://muttsmusic.com/

“Searching” sung by Steve Leaf
Kickstarter coming soon.
Visit: http://steveleaf.com

“Taking In The Mist” sung by Stan McConnell
Santah is playing Dunn Dunn Fest and working on a new album to be released in 2014
Visit: http://santahmusic.com/

“Black Wednesday” and “I Can’t Fight No More” sung by Donnie Biggins
The Shams Band plays their 6th Annual Black Wednesday at Fitzgerald’s Nightclub
(6615 W. Roosevelt Road, Center of America)
Wednesday November 27th at 8pm
w/ Bones Jugs N Harmony
Ryan Joseph Anderson of Go Long Mule
Los Colognes (Nashville)
21+ / 8pm / $10 or $7 with a donation to Harmonica Dunn Food Drive
Visit: http://www.theshamsband.com/

“All Hour Harps” sung by Stan McConnell (of Santah)

Dan Haefs plays guitjo on “All Hour Harps”
Dan’s band Lantern Kickers are playing Tonic Room Monday 11/25 w/ The Go Rounds
More info about Lantern Kickers: https://www.facebook.com/thelanternkickers
More info about Go Long Mule: https://www.facebook.com/golongmule

[Mixtape093] Thanksgiving “Live Mixtape”

I wanted to do something special for the Thanksgiving Mixtape so I invited some of Chicago’s finest singer songwriters to join me at Pieholden Suite Sound studio for an afternoon of songmaking. These were four dudes who all knew each other to various degrees, there were no rehearsals and no real planning but I am super excited about what we came up with.

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Listen To Live Thanksgiving Mixtape093 Now:

(cover art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

In their words…
Maimone: We all brought songs, but Donnie brought whiskey, too. Donnie wins.

Phalen: Mike Musikanto on drums! Donnie Biggins rocking the banjo and bass! Mike Maimone on guitar. This was like a musical version of the Twilight Zone.

Biggins: I was thrilled to play all of Will Phalen’s instruments. I feel like we’re much closer now.

Meehan: I thought we were trying to make a record in 4 hours but then Will says “we have to be out of here in an hour and a half” so I began to unwind cables a bit faster.

Seslowsky: Discovered another use for duck tape! See Will Phalan tambourine pic on the Mixtape Website. Also Booze and Music do mix well.

Track 1
Intro: Sugar Magnolia (instrumental)
Donnie Biggins: acoustic
Mike Maimone: drums
Mike Musikanto: electric guitar
Will Phalen: bass
Written By: Robert Hunter and Bob Weir

Track 2
Musikanto’s Song #1: Common Way
Donnie Biggins: percussion
Mike Maimone: electric piano
Mike Musikanto: acoustic, vocals, harmonica
Will Phalen: electric guitar
Written By: Mike Musikanto

Track 3
Donnie’s Song #1: My Heart Fell For You
Donnie Biggins: acoustic, vocals
Mike Maimone: drums
Mike Musikanto: electric guitar
Will Phalen: bass
Written By: Donnie Biggins

Track 4
Mutts’ Song #1: “Mama’s Boy”
Donnie Biggins: acoustic
Mike Maimone: electric piano, vocals
Mike Musikanto: electric guitar
Will Phalen: percussion
Written By: Mike Maimone

Track 5
Will’s Song #1: The Saw Song
Donnie Biggins: banjo
Mike Maimone: electric piano
Mike Musikanto: electric guitar
Will Phalen: acoustic, vocals
Written By: Will Phalen

Track 6
Donnie’s Song #2: Faviola
Donnie Biggins: acoustic, vocals
Mike Maimone: drums
Mike Musikanto: electric guitar
Will Phalen: bass
Written By: Donnie Biggins

Track 7
Will’s Song #2: Drunk and Mean
Donnie Biggins: bass
Mike Maimone: electric piano
Mike Musikanto: drums
Will Phalen: acoustic, vocals, harmonica
Written By: Will Phalen

Track 8
Mutts’ Song #2: Throwback
Mike Maimone: acoustic, vocals, kick drum, melodica
Will Phalen: acoustic, tambourine
Written By: Mike Maimone

Track 9
Outro: Drunk and Mean (reprise)
Mike Maimone: melodica
Will Phalen: tambourine
Written By: Will Phalen

On Thanksgiving:
Maimone: I would’ve thought the plural of turkey should be turkeies. It’s turkeys? What the hell. I’m thankful for everyone I know who’s making it up as they go along, just like the English language.
Phalen: The greatest of all holidays. No gifts, no stress, just family, friends and food, and a moment to be grateful for the good lives we have.
Biggins: Cowboys, Lions, potatoes, green beans, beer and pie.
Meehan: “Love iz a big fat turkey from hell and every day iz thanksgiving.” – C. Bukowski
Seslowsky: Who said this quote “I love Thanksgiving turkey. It’s the only time in Los Angeles you see natural breasts.” a: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Charity Links:
Maimone: http://www.sitstayread.org/BecomeADonor.aspx
Phalen: http://www.msichicago.org/education/case/
Musikanto: http://www.theshamsband.bandcamp.com/
Biggins: http://www.opportunityknocksnow.org/
Meehan: http://www.rockforkids.org/donate.html
Seslowsky: http://www.rmhc.org/

Hear More of…
Will Phalen: http://willphalen.com
Donnie Biggins: http://www.theshamsband.bandcamp.com/
Mike Maimone: http://download.muttsmusic.com/
Musikanto: http://musikantomusic.com/

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Casey Meehan on November 12th at Pieholden Suite Sound (Studio B) with assistance from the musicians and Matt DeWine.

Special Thanks to Photos and Documentary by Eddie Seslowsky

Special Thanks to Donnie Biggins for his massive organizational skillz and donation of the last sips of his birthday bottle of whiskey.