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Austin Scene: 23 Local Music Blogs You Should Be Following

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America’s best music scene leaves plenty of room for coverage.

As much effort as Austin’s local music reporters, reviewers and bloggers put in, there is so much music happening that it takes a couple dozen publications to cover everything.

Here are the 23 local music blogs to follow for news and reviews of all the music going on in Austin every single night.

The Austinot

“Hyperlocal blog” The Austinot is run by husband and wife team of Brittany and Eric Highland, who created the blog in late 2011. They had lived in Seattle but were planning to move to Austin, and as they learned about all that was going on in their new city, the two started the Austinot just for fun. Neither anticipated that it would grow into a site many locals count on to track cultural events, bars, restaurants, films and music in the city.


98.9 KUTX is an excellent radio station with a great blog. Read detailed show reviews, browse through the music archive to hear short live sets, stream new music, and don’t miss KUTX’s Song of the Day.

BrooklynVegan Austin

It was only a matter of time that BrooklynVegan would outgrow its name. Now, the site also covers Chicago and Austin. There are plenty of great, high-res photographs to take in, plus show reviews and news. Shout out to Tim Griffin, who has been getting some killer photos of ACL 2015 for BrooklynVegan.


OVRLD (“Overload”) should be one of the first sites you bookmark for all that’s new in Austin. The team that runs the blog is dedicated to covering the city’s food and music scenes and often does some really nice sit-down interviews with artists such as Walker Lukens, Feral Future and Jason McNeely. Robin and Carter have their own podcast that’s worth a listen, too.

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If you think that the music video is a dying medium, See/Saw begs to differ. “We are drawn to music and music videos that give us the chills, make us question, make us see the world from a different perspective, and make us smile, laugh or cry,” is how See/Saw describes its relationship with music. The blog is local, but the scope is international — one recent video featured was from Dutch hip-hop group De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, for example, which none of us here have any idea how to pronounce.


Expect music to prominently figure into the coverage at Austin360, the Statesman’s culture and events site. When big names such as Danzig or Selena Gomez come through, you can read about those show and maybe grab some free tickets. Tuesday’s Music Picks are a weekly treat that zero in on the lives of local Austin musicians.

The Deli Magazine

A fanzine for the Internet age, The Deli Magazine covers several music scenes across the US. Its Austin Scene Blog breaks news about emerging artists and lets you filter bands by genre. This is another good place to hear brand new music from local musicians.

Austin Insider Blog

The Austin Insider Blog, via, is staffed by members of the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). This blog has an eye for music and events that would appeal to both locals and visitors. If you’re new to Austin or visiting for a short while, this is a nice starting point.

Austin Music Foundation

By bringing the music industry and its artists together, and by making the public more aware of artistic initiatives, the Austin Music Foundation does a lot for the city. The Foundation’s blog updates only sporadically, but there are several worthwhile posts that any local artists should read on copyright laws, effective music promotion and background on local venues.

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Austin City Limits Festival Blog

ACL definitely needs its own blog. This is the best place to find event updates, artist listings, photos and general information about attending Austin City Limits. Also, keep an eye out for contests and giveaways.

Sound Dessert

Arts lover Gillian Driscoll opened Sound Dessert’s virtual doors in 2009. The site, whose scope is wider than Austin’s scene itself but still leaves a big local footprint, became so beloved and popular that it grew in 2013 to include an artist development company called Sound Dessert Consulting.

Austin Town Hall

For direct, to-the-point album reviews, Austin Town Hall writes about all the good music that comes from its hometown. You can also find interviews and the latest music headlines here. Most of all, make ATH’s playlists part of your weekly listening.

Pop Press International

Pop Press International has the latest on literature, film and music. You can find all sorts of commentary on the Austin music scene here, album reviews, song critiques, live show reviews and photo galleries. Bryan Parker, Pop Press International’s founder and photographer, writes many of the posts himself.


93.3 KGSR is another Austin rock station with a noteworthy blog. Radio station staff can always be found at the festivals and live shows in the city, and they also manage to land the best interviews with local artists.

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Austin Monthly

The online version of Austin Monthly magazine has a great music section. Expect regular music reviews, stories about local bands and artists, and the coveted Band of the Month feature.

Red River Noise

Part magazine, part blog, Red River Noise staffs excellent photographers and bloggers for a truly comprehensive Austin music experience. The film and music reviews are honest and always worth a read. Also, watch out for ticket giveaways.

Citygram Austin

Citygram Austin Magazine has an app available for Android or iOS devices with awesome video tours and interviews, a weekend itinerary with suggestions on how to fill your Saturday and Sunday, a shopping radar that helps you save money, and a restaurant radar so you can always find good places to eat.

101X Alternative Austin

Radio station 101X stands out from most rock radio by actually carefully selecting the station’s playlist and by offering great coverage of Austin’s music scene. Previews, show recaps, interviews, a concert calendar and quality photos round out this station’s blog.

Way Out West Austin

Way Out West Austin focuses exclusively on what’s going on in the west side of the city. When there is an event in the area, WOW’s bloggers jump in to cover it. Also, the team is strict about not receiving remuneration or hookups for coverage. Reliable opinions and suggestions here.

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KVRX 91.7 FM

“None of the hits all of the time” is KVRX’s tagline. Head over to KVRX’s blog for news about and reviews of the artists you hear when you tune in. There are also plenty of interviews to sink your teeth into.

The Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle is the city’s OG resource for news on the arts, film screenings and music. Coverage of SXSW and ACL here are top-notch, as are the album reviews, the concert calendar and artist interviews. Check this one out daily.

Side One Track One

John Laird fills his spare time with movies and music, so in 2006 he decided to write about Austin’s offerings at Side One Track One. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, he shares song rambles with a free download. Every Wednesday, he also writes a (TV) Show of the Week recommendation. And then on Friday, contributors get to share their favorite music suggestions.

Gorilla vs. Bear

Having received props from Rolling Stone, The Independent UK, URB Magazine and others, Gorilla vs. Bear is a pretty big deal. This is one of America’s best music sites, and you can enjoy Gorilla vs. Bear in a few different ways: Its Sirius XM Satellite Radio, the videos it uploads, the huge digital library of Austin music, or by reading the latest music reviews.


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