Hi, How Are You [Mixtape247]

Listen To Mixtape247 Now:

Cover Art: Mural By Daniel Johnston

Band: Quiet Company – Song: Understand The Problem
Show: 11/7/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.quietcompanymusic.com/

Band: Secret Colours – Song: Into You
Show: 11/7/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.secretcolours.com/

Band: MAMA – Song: Bad Reputation
Show: 11/9/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://mamamamamama.bandcamp.com/

Band: blink. – Song: The Delicate Beast
Show: 11/5/2015 Whistler
Site: https://soundcloud.com/whistlerrecords/sets/blink

Band: Wally Dogger – Song: Inside Jokes
Show: 11/7/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.wallydogger.com/

Band: Bassel and the Supernaturals – Song: Hideout
Show: 11/7/2015 Hideout
Site: http://basselmusic.com/

Band: The Congregation – Song: Record Collection
Show: 11/7/2015 Hideout
Site: http://thecongregationband.com/
** Record Release **

Mellotron Tape [Mixtape246]

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Cover Art: Casey Meehan

Band: FEE LION – Song: v i s i o n
Show: 11/4/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://feelion.bandcamp.com/
** Unrelased Track! **

Band: Monobody – Song: Lifeguard of a Helpless Body
Show: 10/29/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://monobody.bandcamp.com/releases

Band: Cousin Dud – Song: Infinity Pools
Show: 11/4/2015 The Burlington Bar
Site: http://cousindud.com/

Band: Sima Cunningham – Song: Fingerprints
Show: Residency Starts 11/3/2015 – Album Release 11/17/2015 Hideout
Site: http://simacunningham.com/
** Unreleased Track! **

Band: Black Bear Combo – Song: New7Distorto
Show: 10/31/2015 Hideout
Site: http://blackbearcombo.com/

Band: Names Divine – Song: Fresh Air
Show: 10/29/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://namesdivine.website/

Band: The Lulabelles – Song: Tonight
Show: 10/30/2015 Two Brothers Roundhouse, Aurora
Site: http://www.lulabellesmusic.com/

A Slice With Quiet Company [Mixtape245]

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Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Band: The Kickback – Song: Sting’s Teaching Years
Show: 10/23/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.thekickbackband.com/
** Record Release **

Band: Jennifer Hall – Song: Beverly Road
Show: 10/23/2015 Schubas
Site: http://jenniferhall.com/

Band: Jamie Rojo – Song: Bad
Show: 10/27/2015 Schubas
Site: https://www.facebook.com/jaimerojochicago

Band: Forgotten Species – Song: Heavy Light
Show: 10/28/2015 Whistler
Site: https://www.facebook.com/ForgottenSpecies

Band: Elsinore – Song: The Thermostat, The Telephone
Show: 10/23/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.elsinoremusic.net/

Band: Arclight – Song: Sounds Are Turning Into Colors
Show: 10/28/2015 The Burlington
Site: http://www.musicbyarclight.com/

Band: The Gyps – Song: Every Day
Show: 10/23/2015 Phyllis’ Musical Inn
Site: http://thegyps.com/

Wheatpaste Hairdo [Mixtape244]

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Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Artist: White Mystery – Song: Get Back
Show: 10/21/2015 Hideout
Site: http://www.whitemysteryband.com/shows/

Artist: Soft Speaker – Song: Black Tea
Show: 10/16/2015 Hideout
Site: http://softspeaker.com/

Artist: OnlyJame – Song: Major League (ft Twista)
Show: 10/18/2015 Double Door
Site: http://www.onlyjamehq.com/

Artist: Strange Lovelies – Song: Heart So Weak
Show: 10/18/2015 Whistler
Site: https://strangelovelies.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Richard Album – Song: Mr. Photographer Man
Show: 10/21/2015 Whistler
Site: https://richardalbum.bandcamp.com

Artist: Strange Faces – Song: Annie
Show: 10/15/2015 Hideout
Site: http://strangefaces.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Sophagus – Song: The Death Of Swag
Show: 10/17/2015 Coles
Site: http://sophagus.bandcamp.com/

Oakland [Mixtape243]

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Cover Art: Sarah Sexton

Band: Mooner – Song: Alison
Show: 10/9/2015 The Hideout (Unrelased Track – Album Release Party)
Site: http://moonerband.com/

Band: Mazes – Song: Laurel
Show: 10/10/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://mazes.bandcamp.com/

Band: Brother Starrace – Song: 55
Show: 10/10/2015 Metro
Site: http://brotherstarrace.bandcamp.com/

Band: Mutts – Song: I Put A Spell On You
Show: 10/9/2015 Subterranean (Downstairs)
Site: http://wearemutts.com

Band: Spaces Of Disappearance – Song: Dick Cheney in the Light
Show: 10/10/2015 Metro
Site: http://spacesofdisappearance.bandcamp.com/

Band: Foul Tip – Song: Madness
Show: 10/12/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: https://thefoultips.bandcamp.com

Band: Shelley Miller & Soft Ledges – Song: November
Show: 10/8/2015 Hideout
Site: http://www.shelleymiller.net/

Band: Dial In – Song: Underwater
Show: 10/8/2015 Burlington
Site: http://www.dialinsound.com/

Splash Down [Mixtape242]

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Cover Art: Christopher Campbell

Band: Woodrow Hart & the Haymaker – Song: Build That Boat
Show: 10/3/2015 Tonic Room
Site: http://woodrowhart.com/

Band: The Gunshy – Song: Content Man (Unreleased Track!)
Show: 10/1/2015 Beat Kitchen
Site: http://www.thegunshy.com/

Band: Stomatopod – Song: Going Home
Show: 10/2/2015 Hideout (Record Release)
Site: http://stomatopod.tumblr.com/

Band: Panda Riot – Song: When You Said, When I Said
Show: 10/2/2015 Abbey Pub
Site: http://www.pandariot.com

Band: Luno – Song: Cold Spring
Show: 10/4/2015 The Whistler (Record Release)
Site: http://www.lunomusic.com

Hot Tech [Mixtape241]

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Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Band: Ratboys – Song: Tixis
Show: 9/28/2015 Schubas
Site: http://ratboys.bandcamp.com/

Band: Planetsexploder – Song: Summer Jam
Show: 9/26/2015 Thalia Hall
Site: https://planetsexploder.bandcamp.com/

Band: Coins – Song: Charge
Show: 9/25/2015 Hideout
Site: https://www.facebook.com/yescoins

Band: Case Collective – Song: Desperate World
Show: 9/26/2015 TACO: Teen Artist Creative Oasis
Site: https://soundcloud.com/casecollective

Band: The Funs – Song: Cross Kisser
Show: 9/24/2015 Hideout
Site: https://thefuns.bandcamp.com

Band: The Thons – Song: Lose Control
Show: 9/25/2015 Burlington
Site: https://thethons.bandcamp.com/

Band: Flesh Panthers – Song: Help Me
Show: 9/28/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: https://fleshpanthers.bandcamp.com

Band: Comfort Food – Song: Sultan of Fades
Show: 9/25/2015 Satellite Records
Site: https://comfortfood1.bandcamp.com

Way Off Kanagawa [Mixtape240]

Listen To Mixtape240 Now:

Cover Art: Joshua Dumas

Band: Health & Beauty – Song: Back to the Place (unreleased!)
Show: 9/21/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: https://healthandbeauty.bandcamp.com/

Band: Archie Powell & the Exports – Song: I’m Gonna Lose It
Show: 9/17/2015 Hideout
Site: http://archiepowell.com/

Band: Abraham Levitan & Devin Davis – Song: Spontaneity (unreleased!)
Show: 9/17/2015 Hideout
Site: https://babyteethmusic.bandcamp.com/

Band: Clip Art – Song: Galicea
Show: 9/19/2015 Beat Kitchen
Site: https://clipartsongs.bandcamp.com/

Band: Crown Larks – Song: Defector
Show: 9/20/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.crownlarks.com

Band: Matchess – Song: But Their Chains
Show: 9/17/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.troubleinmindrecs.com/matchess-somnaphoria-lp/

Nuclear Dreams [Mixtape239]

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Cover Art: Joshua Dumas

Band: Touched By Ghoul – Song: Western Child (unreleased!)
Show: 9/16/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Touched-By-Ghoul/

Band: Angela James – Song: In Between
Show: 9/11/2015 Constellation (single release!)
Site: http://www.angelajamesmusic.com/AJ/

Band: Sexy Fights – Song: Physics
Show: 9/16/2015 Empty Bottle (unreleased!)
Site: https://sexyfights.bandcamp.com

Band: Cousin Dud – Song: No Name Smoke Shop
Show: 9/12/2015 Burlington (album/cassette release!)
Site: https://cousindud.bandcamp.com

Band: The Faders – Song: Capitol Sunset (unreleased!)
Show: 9/11/2015 Burlington
Site: https://www.facebook.com/TheFaders

Hollywood Beach [Mixtape238]

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Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Band: Divino Nino – Song: Woman
Show: 9/4/2015 Hideout (Release Party)
Site: http://www.divinoninoband.com/

Band: Casimer & Casimir – Song: O Sweet Joe Pye
Show: 9/4/2015 Hideout
Site: http://casimercasimir.com/

Band: Bastardgeist – Song: Invisible Life
Show: 9/5/2015 Hideout
Site: http://bastardgeist.bandcamp.com/

Band: P.M. Buys – Song: Jester and the Queen
Show: 9/8/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.pmbuys.com/

Band: Collages – Song: Chequamegon Forest
Show: 9/3/2015 Quenchers Saloon
Site: http://collages.bandcamp.com/

Band: Sam Burckhardt – Song: Fly Over
Show: 9/4/2015 and 09/05/2015 The Green Mill
Site: http://samburckhardt.com/

Band: Beat Drun Juel – Song: This Is How I Get Over You
Show: 9/3/2015 Beat Kitchen
Site: http://beatdrunjuel.bandcamp.com

Band: Ovef Ow – Song: Elevator
Show: 9/3/2015 Hideout
Site: https://ovefow.bandcamp.com/

The URGE [Mixtape237]

Listen To Mixtape237 Now:

Cover Art: JW Frederick

Band: Urge Overkill – Song: What’s This Generation Coming To
Show: 8/29/2015 Wrigley Field
Site: http://urgeoverkill.com/
** Pre Order The Re-Release of Their Classic EP “Stull” **

Band: Choo Choo – Song: Crying And Baseball
Show: 9/1/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.choochoo.info/

Band: The Holy Motors – Song: Slant Six
Show: 8/29/2015 Schubas
Site: http://theholymotors.bandcamp.com/

Band: BlackGlass – Song: All Out Fall Out
Show: 9/1/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://blackglass.bandcamp.com/

Band: Croquet – Song: Ball Pit Of Despair
Show: 8/29/2015 Burlington
Site: http://musicofcroquet.webs.com

Band: Spare Parts – Song: Grinder
Show: 8/28/2015 Subterranean
Site: http://www.sparepartsmusic.com/

Band: Luck of Eden Hall – Song: The Happine$$ Vending Machine
Show: 8/29/2015 Backlot Bash (Skokie)
Site: http://theluckofedenhall.com/

Band: Shifties – Song: Universe
Show: 8/27/2015 The Whistler
Site: https://twitter.com/TheShiftiesCHI

Board [Mixtape236]

Listen To Mixtape236 Now:

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Band: Whitney – Song: No Matter Where We Go
Show: 8/25/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.leadriders.com/

Band: Idyll – Song: Bad Boi
Show: 8/20/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://www.thisisidyll.com/

Band: Del Rey – Song: The Nine Of Swords
Show: 8/26/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.dlry.net/

Band: The Avantist – Song: Truth In Light
Show: 8/24/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: https://theavantist.bandcamp.com

Band: Topaz – Song: Singa
Show: 8/20/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: https://topazzz.bandcamp.com

Band: Velcro Lewis Group (With John Vernon Forbes) – Song: 2 Sidecars No Driver
Show: 8/23/2015 Hideout (Bernie Sanders Fundraiser)
Site: http://www.velcrolewisgroup.com/

Band: Brendan & the Black Jackets – Song: Rich Kid
Show: 8/21/2015 Quencher’s Bar
Site: https://brendanandtheblackjackets.bandcamp.com/

Band: All Eyes West – Song: Plastic Hearts
Show: 8/22/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://alleyeswest.com/

Band: Sunken Ships – Song: Chicago Labor Day
Show: 8/22/2015 Hideout
Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunken-Ships/303296112610

Eddie Joel [Mixtape235]

Listen To Mixtape235 Now:

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Artist: Netherfriends – Song: I Need A Ladyfriend
Show: 8/13/2015 Whistler
Site: http://www.netherfriends.us/

Artist: Bad Bad Meow – Song: Freak Flag
Show: 8/13/2015 The Hideout
Site: https://badbadmeow.bandcamp.com

Artist: The Aunteaks – Song: Drop me Down
Show: 8/13/2015 Schubas
Site: https://theaunteaks.bandcamp.com

Artist: Crosstown – Song: Young Thing
Show: 8/18/2015 Schubas
Site: https://crosstown.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Petty Crimes – Song: Bad Luck
Show: 8/14/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: https://pettycrimes.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Joe Bordenaro – Song: I Don’t Know
Show: 8/14/2015 Lincoln Hall (Empty Bottle Aug 25)
Site: https://joebordenaro.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Donkey Hotel – Song: Fool
Show: 8/13/2015 Hideout
Site: http://donkeyhotel.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Shah Jahan – Song: Sunset Moon
Show: 8/14/2015 Hideout
Site: http://www.shahjahanmusic.com/

Artist: Mystery Crash – Song: Waterlogged
Show: 8/19/2015 Schubas
Site: http://mysterycrash.bandcamp.com/

19th & Sangamon [Mixtape234]

Listen To Mixtape234 Now:

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Band: Faintlife – Song: Lakeshore
Show: 8/6/2015 Quencher’s
Site: http://faintlifeofficial.bandcamp.com/

Band: Ryley Walker – Song: Sweet Satisfaction
Show: 8/12/2015 Whistler
Site: http://ryleywalker.com/

Band: J Fernandez – Song: Read My Mind
Show: 8/11/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://www.jfernandez.org/

Band: Le Tour – Song: Friend
Show: 8/10/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://letour.bandcamp.com/

Band: Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker – Song: Land Of Plenty
Show: 8/12/2015 Whistler
Site: http://billmackay.com/

Band: Swearwords – Song: Achille Lauro
Show: 8/6/2015 Hideout
Site: http://www.swearwordsmusic.com/

Band: Adam Fitz – Song: BUS (Break Up Song) presented by Small House Songs
Show: 8/12/2015 Chicago Riverwalk (Wacker Dr btwn LaSalle and Clark)
Site: http://adamfitz.bandcamp.com/

Band: Pamphleteers – Song: My Lipstick Stain
Show: 8/8/2015 Hideout
Site: http://pamphleteers.bandcamp.com/

Band: The Returnables – Song: Wonderland In Tokyo
Show: 8/8/2015 Hideout
Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Returnables/248613428301

Jonathan from Pamphleteers “This is a Returnables track written by John Glick. He was my closest friend and Rebecca’s (from Pamphleteers also) husband. He was lost with Doug Meis (The Dials) and Michael Dahlquist (Silkworm) in the same incident.

The 3 Friends Memorial show at the Hideout on the 8th will mark ten years since their loss, and it will be celebration of each of them – three of the kindest, most intelligent, and creative people I’ve known.”

Sky Tower [Mixtape233]

Listen To Mixtape233 Now:

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Band: Vamos – Song: Spiderbait
Show: 8/3/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.thisisvamos.com/

Band: E G O – Song: Sweet Maggie
Show: 8/3/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://massiveego.bandcamp.com

Band: Kate Adams – Song: Don’t Worry Baby
Show: 7/31/2015 Hideout
Site: http://katefordays.com/

Band: Quinn Tsan – Song: Good Winter
Show: 8/1/2015 Hideout
Site: http://quinntsan.bandcamp.com/

Band: Dead Feathers – Song: With Me
Show: 8/3/2015 Double Door
Site: https://deadfeathersmusic.bandcamp.com/

Band: Fine Subterraneans – Song: This Light
Show: 7/31/2015 Martyr’s
Site: http://finesubterraneans.com/

Band: Impulsive Hearts – Song: I WANNABE GONE
Show: 7/30/2015 The Burlington
Site: http://www.facebook.com/impulsivehearts

Band: Dear Thief – Song: Hold The Light Up
Show: 7/31/2015 Hideout
Site: https://www.facebook.com/dearthief

Media Frenzy [Mixtape232]

Listen To Mixtape232 Now:

Cover Art: Casey Meehan

Artist: Red Francis – Song: Media Feeding Frenzy
Show: 7/24/2015 Burlington
Site: https://www.facebook.com/redfrancismusic

Artist: Animal City – Song: Drugs With You
Show: 7/23/2015 Whistler
Site: https://animalcity.bandcamp.com

Artist: The Aches – Song: Prodigals
Show: 7/24/2015 Silvie’s Lounge
Site: http://theaches.com

Artist: California Wives – Song: The Heart Always Breaks
Show: 7/23/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://californiawives.com/

Artist: Dann Morr – Song: Jaded
Show: 7/29/2015 The Hideout
Site: http://dannmorr.com/

Artist: Andy Wagner – Song: You Don’t Die
Show: 7/26/2015 The Whistler (Record Release)
Site: http://andywagner.net/

Musicians as Digital Nomads: 10 Destination Cities to Know

Nomadism has long been part of a working musician’s reality, especially when touring. But nomadism is seldom thought of as an intentional lifestyle choice; it’s usually more of a requirement, at least when touring.

The modern music industry does support a fully nomadic lifestyle, though. You can write and record music from just about anywhere on earth, and because distribution is largely digital at this point, that’s also location-independent.

Our friends at HolidayME recently put together a post that takes a look at the top 10 cities for digital nomads, and it introduces some interesting trains of thought for professional musicians, who are as much digital nomads as the writers and designers working from their laptops in Vietnamese cafes this moment.

Intentional nomadism can both be rewarding and financially viable. In fact, hopping around Southeast Asia, for example, will probably be much cheaper than living in an apartment in a major American city. All the while, you as a musician can be practicing your art and getting work done.

Chano Returns [Mixtape231]

Listen To Mixtape231 Now:

Cover Art: Casey Meehan

Artist: Chance The Rapper – Song: Juice (Prod. Nate Fox)
Show: 7/19/2015 Pitchfork Fest (HEADLINER!!) – Union Park
Site: http://chanceraps.com/

Artist: Star Tropics – Song: Summer Rain
Show: 7/19/2015 Schubas
Site: https://soundcloud.com/startropics

Artist: Celine Neon – Song: Getcha Good
Show: 7/17/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://www.celineneon.com/

Artist: Lee Ketch – Song: Dull Joy (Originally By Tenement)
Show: 7/21/2015 Hideout
Site: http://music.moonerband.com/

Artist: Soddy Daisy – Song: Crucible
Show: 7/18/2015 Ratt House
Site: https://soddydaisy.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Begin By Gathering Supplies – Song: The bastard son of Ritchie Blackmore
Show: 7/16/2015 Schubas
Site: https://beginbygatheringsupplies.bandcamp.com

Artist: Bike Cops – Song: I Got Away
Show: 7/16/2015 Double Door
Site: https://bikecopsmusic.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Mind Over Mirrors – Song: Storing The Winter
Show: 7/16/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.mindovermirrors.com

Artist: Bow & Spear – Song: Paper Tones
Show: 7/20/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://bowandspear.bandcamp.com/

Artist: In Tall Buildings – Song: Flare Gun
Show: 7/13/2015 Millennium Park
Show: 7/16/2015 Schubas
Site: http://www.intallbuildings.com/

Artist: Anthony Moser – Song: The Police And Me
Show: 7/21/2015 Martyrs
Site: http://www.mosermusic.com/

Upton Barn [Mixtape230]

Listen To Mixtape230 Now:

Cover Art: Casey Meehan

Band: Outer Minds – Song: those machines
Show: 7/10/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://outerminds.bandcamp.com/

Band: Lala Lala – Song: Fuck With Your Friends
Show: 7/15/2015 Emporium
Site: https://lalabandlala.bandcamp.com/

Band: Jollys – Song: I Neeeed
Show: 7/15/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://jollysmusic.bandcamp.com/

Band: Mekons – Song: Geeshie
Show: 7/11 & 7/15 Hideout
Site: https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/artist/mekons

Band: Oscillator Bug – Song: Shore You Down
Show: 7/13/2015 Thalia Hall
Site: http://oscillator-bug.bandcamp.com/

Band: The Bama Lamas – Song: Tell Ya Once
Show: 7/12/2015 Double Door
Site: http://thebamalamas.bandcamp.com/

Band: The Gold Web – Song: Drones
Show: 7/10/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://thegoldweb.bandcamp.com/

Mixtape Pride [Mixtape229]

Listen To Mixtape229 Now:

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Artist: Cameron McGill – Song: Good Love
Show: 7/7/2015 Schubas
Site: http://cameronmcgill.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Lamp – Song: Poison
Show: 7/2/2015 Hideout
Site: http://lampbandcamp.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Hums + Haws – Song: One Truth
Show: 7/6/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: https://humsandhaws.bandcamp.com

Artist: The Way Down Wanderers – Song: No Braking Now
Show: 7/3/2015 Congress Hotel
Site: http://thewaydownwanderers.com/

Artist: Palmer Squares – Song: Knock ‘Em Down (Prod. By Fresh Kils)
Show: 7/2/2015 Abbey Pub
Site: https://thepalmersquares.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Sun Speak – Song: Thomas in the Whale
Show: 7/5/2015 Whistler
Site: http://sunspeak.bandcamp.com/

Artist: The Dirty Dirty Dollars – Song: My Lady’s Got A Toolbox
Show: 7/2/2015 The Burlington
Site: http://dirtydirtydollars.com/

Artist: Armitage – Song: Nightlife
Show: 7/6/2015 Schubas
Site: https://armitagetunes.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Impulsive Hearts – Song: I Wanna Be Gone
Show: 7/3/2015 Hideout
Site: http://www.facebook.com/impulsivehearts

Artist: Jodee Lewis – Song: From A Bottle
Show: 7/5/2015 The Hideout
Site: http://www.jodeelewis.com/